16 May 2009

Lightening Strikes

We are all well here and looking forward to the Fun Day. Sorry I have been out of touch for a while as I have been PC less after a storm about 3 weeks ago when lightening struck our BT line - it damaged my PC, my son's PC and a cordless phone. Sparks flew but thankfully no other damage. All this took place about 4.30am lucy ben_still_share_1_14-04-2009_16-21-44and the thunder clap woke us immediately - so the night / morning ended up with me being cuddled by Lucy and Ben. The insurance claim proceeded and is only just resolved so I should be back on line next week with a new PC!. I have borrowed some time on a friend's machine to catch up with the news from my friends.
I would love to have a go a the 'bronze' with Lucy and Ben who can do all that is needed but I think that on the day they will be too distracted by everything going on to do it.
Anyway here is the latest photo of them both still sharing 'my' chair.
Looking forward to the 'day'

Thanks Dora, what a long time to fix your telephone line hope you don’t work from home! I think it best you take the Good Citizen Bronze Test with just one of the dogs, we will do the one minute “stay” in the hall away from all the outside noise and distractions.


Tina W said...

Sounds like you were lucky Dora and it could have been even worse-those two love to cuddle up!

big mo said...

Dora we had thunder last night and I thought of you, not a good feeling.