20 May 2009

Mac making himself at home

Every night - without exception - Mac drags his rug from his bed in the hall and transports it into the lounge, scrunches it up into a pillow and makes himself comfortable. Creature_comfortsOn more than one occasion a 'sleepy' Lily has found herself also being dragged along. And as you can guess we never have the camera or video at hand when it happens!! One of these days I will manage to get a shot of the indignant look on her face ( she doesn't even have the good sense to get off!!)

Thank you Elaine these dogs are funny and really become creatures of habit! Poor Lily should know it is Mac’s night time blanket.


big mo said...

You must get a photo of that.

gwen said...

My 3 drag their beds all over the place.

Sarah L said...

You will have to teach her to drag him back into the hall. That'll show him. :-)