25 May 2009

Monday And Junior Handler News

First of all I would just like to say good luck to Stuart today with Harry who will returning to the  Bath Show this afternoon for the final of the Champion Stakes

On Monday me and Jack went to obedience. We had moved up a class and I was really excited. The class was very different to what I was used to. All the other dogs are working towards their gold award. Lots of exercises I hadn't done before, such as send awayLPIC0692 to bed, hold a toy and  Jack to come when i am walking away. I could see that Jack was trying very hard but as we both didn't know what to do. On Tuesday at agility Jack was VERY good.  He was running very fast round the course and only missing out on clear rounds by running past the jump before I could tell him to go over it. On the last run Jack was running super fast and ran up the seesaw, I usually have to hold it for him when he goes over the top but as I was 3 jumps behind I had to yell out “steady”. Surprisingly Jack stopped the moment i said it! I am really looking forward to the fun day and can’t wait to see most of you.

On Saturday we looked after Larry and Leo, Pat and David's bedlingtons. At first they missed their mummy and daddy but Jack was their to cheer them up by play fighting and just being a pest! On a sad note we got a phone call on Sunday morning to say that Pat had had a  heart attack on the way home we all wish her a speedy recovery. love Victoria and jack Bo jangles xx

Thank you Victoria, pleae keep us updated on Pat, hopefully she will be out of hospital very soon. Well it looks like you may be in with a chance of winning the agility, it is the fast dogs that win the prizes.


Sue and Liza said...

Hi Victoria, we're all really looking forward to meeting you and Jack at the Fun Day!
I'll let you into a little secret about the send to bed exercise - Millie has done it perfectly almost from the very start, and by the time she took her first attempt at Gold a few weeks ago, she was spot on every time. Come the night of the test, however, when Liza told her to 'go to bed', Millie had other ideas and went running straight over to see the judge instead, who was someone she hadn't met before! Honestly, what can you do, LOL!!

bill said...

yes not long now for the fun day,i hope you have been doing some secret lure training as well with jack