15 May 2009

A Must Have!


I also meant to add that a few weeks ago we were at Thoresby Sunday market down in Notts and we came across a stall selling all kinds of dog ceramics.
We bought a lovely door number plate with a bedlington on it. It was only £8 which I think was a good price.
He told me he has a website http://www.bestdog.co.uk/ if anyone wants to have a look.Tracey Dave & Lenni

Thank you Tracey and Dave, what a great door number plate and incredibly reasonably priced. I think a few bloggers will be interested in this must have!


Sarah and Tony said...

This is very nice, but unfortunately there isn't room for our house name. However, the mugs look nice, so I've ordered 2. This online shopping is too easy.



Dave & Tracey, you kept that quite on Thursday night. Must say it is a great market if anyone is around that area on a Sunday.

Lenni looked lovely after her trim, she's grown up to be a canny lass, you should send a picture in to the blog.

The Makems

Tina W said...

I bought one of these plaques about a year and a half ago from thoresby market.

milsdave said...

Hi Derek,

I had totaly forgot we bought it till daves uncle came to put it up for us on Thursday!

We go to Thorsby all the time as my dad only lives a 2 min drive from there so If you want us to pick you one up just met me know!

Ive sent a pic of Lenni with her birthday pork pie, we had to take a second pic on Wednesday as the original one was lost when my memory card broke. So her new hair cut can be seen in it.

Tracey & Dave.