21 May 2009

Mutley gets a real bedlington trim, what a pretty girl!

wendyand%20mutley mutleyafter I have just been sent these pics of Mutley who went to Wendy and Richard Scorah’s grooming parlour today for their 1st visit to someone who can properly groom Bedlingtons.Would appreciate if you could put them on the blog as Howard is so proud of her new haircut.

Thanks to Tina for the photos. Mutley looks fantastic, Wendy is one of our blog’s expert groomers and her details can be found in the “recommended groomers” file in the index column. We have quite a good list of groomers now but if you know anyone else in your area who can correctly groom a bedlington please email me and I will add their name to the list.


Tina W said...

What a difference a groom makes.

enid said...

We need before and after snaps to remind us of the differance good grooming does to a Beddie.
Mutley lookd great!

mel said...

looks much beter