21 May 2009

Northeast Slimming Club

Here is a rather well rounded young man who atmr%20beach%20ballended the Northeast Meet last weekend, I think he needs to go on the Betty Beach Ball diet! Mind you there is a very pretty young lady giving him an admiring glance! Julie can you tell us a little about this big guy?


Sue and Liza said...

Liza was having a chat with this lad's owner - sorry I don't know his name - but he's a rescue Beddie, and has a number of health problems including epilepsy so he's on lots of medication which has made him put on weight. He lives with Alfie, one of Mabel's brothers, and apparently puts up with a lot from him - just as Millie has with Mabel. He is, as we say in the north east "as soft as clarts", and a lovely boy.

Tina W said...

He looks lovely anyway-who could not find him handsome.

julie o said...

this handsome lad is called pepi and belongs to lynn and paul as sue and liza said because of all his meds it has made him gain weight