14 May 2009

The Peacock Bedlingtons


Many thanks to Janet and Aaron Peacock for this photo of their bedlington family. I don’t know who is who but Billy may be able to tell us


Tina W said...

All 4 bums on the rug!!

bill said...

shandy on the left
pepsi on the right
and two gipcyan pups in the middle zak and lacey

big mo said...

If we sit still we might get a treat.? Hi there

Trish said...

Hi Janet, great to see you and your pups here. Miss your crazy posts!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi Janet & Aaron,
What a lovely bunch of Beddies.
What are their ages?
How do you manage to keep that floor so clean with all those paws paddling over it !!

patricia said...

They look fantastic, and intelligent. x

ed and rebecca said...

What sweet faces!