27 May 2009

Rescue Update

Please please can you give me a home!

I have spoken to the Chiltern Dog Rescue Centre and they have told me a bit about the Bedlington they have. They have just telephoned back to agree that we can publish their telephone number, in case anyone would like to get in touch directly. It is '01442 876009'.

The dog is called Griffin and is about 7. He has CDRS_Logo_2005_thumb[5]come to them from Wales, where he didn't get on with other dogs in the home. They have mixed him with dogs since he has been in the Centre and think he is good with other dogs now; however, he might be better as an only dog in a home. When he came to them, he had an anal abscess, but that is now well on the mend.

They would be happy to hear from prospective adopters, to whom they would send their usual paperwork.

Many thanks to Madeline for contacting the rescue centre, there must a kind home waiting for this little dog. If I get time I will print this page and pin it up in the hall at the Fun day.


bill said...

wish i had room.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Me too !!
Poor little fella hope he finds a good home soon.

Kim & Co said...

Glad you can spread the word about this little chap. Hopefully he will be sprung from jail before long.

Trish said...

Maybe he will find a home with somone that comes to Fun Day. That would make it even more special.