29 May 2009

Smile Please It is My Birthday, And Mine, And Mine Too!


My name is Archie and It is my 10th birthday and I am fed up of waiting for my pork pie

Storey_evolvingAnd My Birthday too, my name is Storey and I am three today and live with Tricia and the Woofs on Oracoke Island USA

IMG_2182 And My birthday too, I am Miss Olga, I am three as well today and live with Billy, Diane, Betty Beach ball, oops I should say Betty Beach Babe (with that new slim figure ) and the rest of my Bedlington family. I am off to Brailes, to gate crash the pig roast at the hall tomorrow night!

Many Happy Returns to all our Birthday Bedlies!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Archie Storey & Miss Olga Lol xxx

Sarah L said...


Happy birthday to all of you!

Scooter and I are very excited about the fun day and can't wait to meet as many of you as possible.


mel said...

Happy birthday all!!!

Trish said...

Wow Miss Olga and Storey were born on the same day and are the same age. Happy Birthday everyone and PLEASE give Archie his pork pie!!

ed and rebecca said...

Happy Birthday everyone! Roll on the Pork pie race on Sunday !xxx

Trish said...

Could some one volunteer their dog to eat a pork pie for Storey?

Sue and Liza said...

Wow, so many birthdays! Happy Birthday one and all, hope you all get your favourite treats x

julie o said...

pork pies all round happy birthday to everyone

peterr said...

Happy Birthday to you all

Hope everyone has a good time at the fun day gutted we cannot be there look forward to all the photos and news from it x
Peter,Diane, Bradley & Maisy