10 May 2009

Sunday and we say Hello to Tricia our reporter in th USA
Hi Bloggers, This morning instead of being newsy, I am going to ask about my girl Amelia. She is 19 months old and last night she wouldn't eat her dinner. The other dogs lick their plates clean in a matter of seconds, but she has alway been a slow eater, always the last one done. Like I said last night she didn't eat her dinner, it isn't the first time that has happened, but what is different this time is, that if she does skip dinner, she is ready for breakfast & today she wasn't. When everybody lined up to eat and sat in their place, she layed down in her place. I tried to give her some kibble by hand, but she turned her head away. Other than that she is acting like herself, bouncy, playing, but skipping 2 meals has me concerned. Should I take her to the vet tomorrrow morning? Should I try and see later if she is interested in eating? She also hasn't come into season yet & I wondered if that could be starting. Any advice you have would be appreciated. Everyone else is fine and loving the nice weather.
Congradulations to Parker and Lesley in agility. It is amazing how the dogs can finally pull things together. Lesley you must be very proud of him & us of you....great job. That is all from here, thanks for any help you can give me....I will worry myself sick all day & I know the dogs can pick up on it so I hate doing it! Love from us all.......
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
Living the dream and making the magic happen!
Hello Tricia so sorry to hear Amelia is giving some cause for concern. I think I would just leave her for the time being seeing she is not in any way ill. I would just carry on with the same feeding routine and take her dish up with the others and then try her again at the next meal time. If she is just being a bit fussy she will eventually get hungry and eat. Tempting her with all different things and feeding in between meals can make a fussy eater worse. Obviously if she seems off colour you will need to see the vet. Do keep us updated.


Tina W said...

Hi Trish-sorry to hear about Amelia-I wouldn't be too worried at the moment as she is fine and bouncy-My youngest is almost 18 months and 2 weeks ago decided that she doesn't realy want to eat much-she'll have a couple of mouthfuls and that's all. She has lost a bit of weight but I'm not unduly worried as no dobt she'll get her appetite back-perhaps she is getting ready to come into season-hormones can be funny things.

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

trish ihope amelia picks up soon we had a similar problem with jack but it sorted its self out

patricia said...

Oh dear, just written you a long note and it has disapppeared, Larry has also always been a slow eater, last week he went for 2 days not eating, couldnt tempt him with even a bit of steak. He does that sometimes, and also seems lathargic, but then he eats like a boy possessed. If she is drinking and seems healthy wait 4 days, only you know if she seems off colour in herself.x

julie o said...

hope she picks up i have had the no eating thing with both of mine dog and bitch piper is stop eating just before she came into season so that could be the problem fingers crossed this puts your mind at rest

Trish said...

Thanks everyone. I feel alot better. She will be fed at the regular time with the other dogs this evening and we will see what happens. It is comforting to hear others have had this problem too. She has been chasing the cat and wrestling with Willo all day. Playing soccer with me with her ball and out on the deck doing "security duty" She also got a big bush out. Thanks again.

Marie said...

It could be that she's coming into season Trish.

I have the opposite problem with Briagha, she NEVER misses a meal :-)

Sarah L said...

If Amelia is playing and seems herself try not to worry. Dogs can often go without eating for upto 5 days! Don't let her trick you into doing anything different! I would just stick to what you normally do and pick up her food after about 15-20 minutes if she hasn't eaten it. As long as she is having fun, she will get hungry and eat eventually.

J&T said...

Trish I really wouldn,t worry, our old vet used to swear blind, if fed a healthy diet, dogs should have one day starvation a week. This being quite normal and closer to a wild dogs diet.
Jane xxx

Trish said...

Amelia has her dinner last night and breackfast this morning, so who knows what was going on with her. She is an odd little dog, very different in her personality than all the other bedlingtons I have had over the years. She definetly marches to the beat of a different drummer...it also makes her very enduring...she is like a teenage trying to find out who she is....clingy and cuddlie at times, pushy and demanding other times yet very quick to assume the submissive potition if my body language says "you are in trouble". Righ now she is laying on my feet under my chair...she is a cross between and angel and a she-devil!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Glad to hear Amelia is eating again.
We have been having lots of problems with Hobie's eating.
A trip to the vets has now confirmed what i thought that Hobie has colitus possibly due to some sort of food intolerance and has some prescription food from our vet to try hopefully that will help.
Much to my delight Hobie has wolfed down his food this morning after turning his nose up for two days.
We have tried so many foods to get him interested and finally fell upon Orijen dry Kibble which seemed fine but then he started with his on off eating pattern again and he gets thin so quick i knew we needed to get to the root of the problem.
So it was back to the vets hence the presciption food.
It's so worrying when they are off their food !!
I know what you mean about marching to a different beat Trish Holly is so different to Hobie very much like your desription of Amelia.
Hobie on the other hand is soppy one min and Mr Grumpy the next but now i know about the food intolerances this could explain his moods.
They certainly keep us on out toes don't they.