24 May 2009

Sunday’s Letter From America

This week has been uneventful, as usual, but that is why I live where I live.  I was so sorry to read about Pat, how frightening it must have bee for her.  All of us here are wishing  her the best and a quick recovery. 
I am so jealous that all of you will be at Fun Day next week!  I can't wait to read the blog reports and see the photos, I am sure the weather will be perfect for it.  It is a holiday week-end here in the US, so the island has been pretty active with tourist.  They are all fascinated with the dogs and people stop to ask about them all the time.  We can barely go in the yard to potty, without someone stopping to meet them.  And then when they see 5 of them together, well they can't believe that anyone would have 5 dogs to start with!  The weather here has been sunny and warm, the oppressive humidity hasn't kicked in yet, so the dogs are loving lounging in the sun....that will probably end soon and then it will be so tropical all they will want to do is be in the AC.  The pavement will get so hot that walks will be out of the question & there are no sidewalks here, so it is asphalt roads & they get really hot here.  With the hot weather on our door step, the girls will be getting their "summer trim".....REALLY short!
Everyone have a blast next week end.  Wish I lived closer so I could come, it sounds like such a nice time.  I will be thinking of you all.

Thank you Tricia, we are all getting excited about next weekend and keep tuning into the long range weather forecast! The last Fun Day had 80 bedlingtons taking part and I really do think there will be more this year. Gosh it must get hot there, it can’t be much fun for the dogs if the can’t go far due to the heat on the ground. Your girls must be a real tourist attraction, I bet they love all the fuss. Do send us a photo after their summer trim, it will be lovely to see them in their summer coats.


big mo said...

Gosh how long does it take you , do you do all 5 on the same day,and which one goes first.? or do you change the order, I tend to do the same order each time.

bill said...

are the huricanes due yet Trish

Trish said...

I never do all 5 on the same day....I be crazier than I already am. I limit myself to 2 a day.

Hurricane season starts 1 June...we usually aren't affected by them until some time in August....right on through the end of Nov.