28 May 2009

Thursday And It Is The Northeast Natter

Good morning from the Northeast and my sunburn has gone down from Monday what a great day it was great to see some new faces in the classes and codey and Susan did so well in there PICT0142first show. Well done to the Makem’s for the best of breed

ken and myself had a great day with great company I don't think we stopped laughing all day and the time flow by we were so lucky we were able to keep the dogs cool as were under a marquee so they didn't get to hot.

Just a short one from me this week as I’m sulking as i have to work on Saturday and won’t be able to come to the fun day. Everyone have a great time can’t wait to see the photos. love Julie xx PS Lesley can you send me a fun day badge with Billy he is paying lol!

Thanks Julie the badges will on Sale at the hall, I will remind Billy, I hope he is paying I am sure you are worth all of the 50 pence!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hope you didn't suffer too much with your sunburn Julie.
Glad you managed to keep Whisper & Piper cool.
It certainly was a warm one, my two just sprawled out all day on a cushion under the canopy while i baked myself, I just love the sun if it's out im out.
Shame you can't get to the fun day but hopefully there will be some great photos.


Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Julie

Why don't you have a sicky and come to the fun day. We will remind Wor Billy to get you a badge.

The Makems