21 May 2009

Thursday And Time For Julie’s Northeast Natter


Billy’s girls waiting patiently. they are off to the Northeast Meet

The weather is a bit all over the place at the moment sunshine one minute and pouring with rain the next where is our summer they keep on saying we are going to have. Sunday and the northeast meet and both myself and the dogs had a great time with some new faces as well as old and new events been sorted. Bacon butty's were great and it was just lovely just to relax have a chat with like minded people.

Tuesday and back to ring craft only took Whisper but he was still in good company with Q and Sigyn so he didn't miss Piper and it was nice just to be able to work with him and just remind him what he has to do! We are showing on Monday at Northumberland County show at Corbridge so fingers crossed for the weather. Good luck if you are showing this weekend and have a great Bank Holiday Weekend julie xxx

Thank you Julie, I wish we had a “Midlands Meet”, it is such a great way to meet new bedlington people. New people as well as old timers in the breed are so lucky to have a support group that meets so regularly. Good luck on Monday, do send me the results when you get time.


Tina W said...

We're not going to have the scorching summer that they 1st said! It's to warm up but it'll be a showery summer!



Tina, just read on the weather page it's going to be a scorcher this week end so at least Northumberland County Show will be a good'n.

Shorts and bikini's for the show ring lads and lasses.

The Makems

Tina W said...

I've been told today that we're in for a hot weekend-fingers crossed it's right and that a crappy summer is wrong!!

Sarah and Tony said...

Sorry I didn't make it to the meet. Tony was away for the day and I thought about coming with the boys. I gave them a long walk, to settle them, so they woouldn't be so noisy, and on my way back through our village was stopped by a complete stranger in a car who had a gorgeous 9 year old bedlington boy called Bramble. They just been for a run on Stanhope Moor. We talked for ages, and by the time I got home, there wasn't much of the morning left. Good luck everyone for the Northumberland Show, I'm hoping to come and watch.

Sarah L said...

those meets look great. I wish there could be a meet near to me or a walk even that would be good. It's a shame I can't make the brailes walk. I'd be more than happy to drive a couple of hours for a meet or something. The other bedlington owners round here must be in hiding! Ha ha I've probably scared them off.

Tina W said...

where do you live ?