12 May 2009

We start Tuesday morning with an update on Scooter pup

Scooter is doing really well. He is excelling in his puppy foundation class and showing all the other puppies how it’s done. Having got used to the speed that collies learn, I was concerned that it might be hard to train a bedlington. He has proved me wrong and is probably better behaved than the collies. I have to remind myself that he is only 5 months old sometimes. The swimming lessons are paying off as today he has been paddling in the sea and occasionally going just deep enough for all feet to be off the ground, all by himself. Scooter has also discovered gardening! He was very pleased with himself this weekend. Having dug up the 3 dwarf green bean plants and given them a good chew, he brought one in to show me.
I know there are a few bedlingtons in Sussex. It is such a rare treat to bump into one. I really wish they were easier to find so that I could arrange to meet up. I can see why many of you have more than one bedlington. They are fantastic to watch together.
Thanks Sarah, great to hear Scooter is doing so well, and at last is getting used to the water. Bedlingtons are really quick to learn but they switch off very easily. You will find that they get bored with repetitive training, unfortunately they are not as focused as the collies, competing in agility with a bedlington is much more of a challenge.


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Scooter sounds like a right character !!
They do enjoy a spot of gardening don't they.
Hobie was very fond of pruning were Holly liked to dig the soil for planting (bones mainly & occasionally a toy) Lol

big mo said...

I am on my head looking at this.!

Trish said...

Love the updates on Scooter! And the photo too. Bedlingtons are quick learners...they are so special it is hard to explain to someone if they have not had one.

Tina W said...

Love the photo Sarah and of course the update on your boy-he's being a brave lad swimming in the sea himself as I don't think they like the feeling of the sand disappearing from under their feet at the waters edge.Last year my garden was totally ruined by the pup,she dug ,chewed and de headed whatever took her fancy I'm hoping that this year she'll leave everything alone with being older.Their antics make you smile even when they are naughty ones!

Sarah L said...

There's certainly never a dull moment with a bedlington pup! I only have to take my eye off him for a second and he's got something that he shouldn't. Tonight there were some clothes drying on the clothes airer thingy and I caught him trying to drag the whole thing across the room by the leg of a pair of trousers. At the moment he loves his training and will do anything for some of my homemade liver cake treats. My only complaint is that time is going to fast and he is growing too quick!