27 May 2009

Wednesday Welsh Wafflings From Paula

Well it’s Wednesday and it’s almost time to pack up for the fun day and a bit of camping – except we still don’t know if that’s going to happen LOL I just love it when I can’t plan anything, it stops me getting all uptight and I just have to go with the flow.The last ten days have gone in a bit of a blur, w2008_0912(007)be’ve all had the dreaded lurgy here. After an emergency trip to A&E a week last Sunday and treatment for a severe asthma attack, Bernard announced a few days later that he thought he had flu – Man-flu says I. So he proceeded to cough splutter, sneeze, wheeze and exude various noxious fluids until it was clear that he really wasn’t well and he took to his bed. Then Finn went down with it… I now know how the Roman Gladiators felt when they were waiting in the cells under the Roman Colloseum! there was no escape! Of course, I had it worse than they did – they infected me in a pincer movement that any army would be proud of and I got the germs from both of them. Never mind, we’re on the mend now and will be well by the weekend. Now I’ve just got to get the dogs trimmed and bathed or they’ll be mistaken for strays…All the best Paula

Oh dear Paula your family have had a bit of a do so to speak, but I can’t help smile, you certainly have a way with words! Hopefully the family are now fighting fit and ready for Sunday. I understand Bernard is helping me out with the agility. We have a few trained agility bedlingtons taking part this year, it is going to be a great competition.

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Karen Goldsbrough said...

Poor you.
Sounds like you have been through the wars!!
We have had similar flu business first me then my stepson Lewis swiftly followed by eldest stepson Ash the only one to escape it has been my husband Ian no doubt he would have been worse as you say with the man flu variety.
Fun day is fast approaching hope everyone has a wonderful day and the weather is kind to you.