14 May 2009

What A Cutie


Here we have one of Billybob’s  puppies “Midge” sent in by Mary Lou. What a pretty puppy it is very unusual to see a blue and tan with such striking markings. 


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Oh Mary Lou she is so beautiful.
I just want to kiss her little face.
I dont think i would be able to stop cuddling her.
Lol from the Goldsbrough Clan.

Nina said...

Lovely picture. I know how to spoil these babies.

Mary Lou said...

Hasn't she gotten cute? This is the same little gilr that I had to tube feed for the first 3 weeks of her life. She fit in my hand with space to spare. I truely did not expect her to even live. She is catching up to her brother, Bubba, and gives him a hard way to go for picking on her when she was so little.
Any Blue & tans that I have ever had, had those very distinct markings until they lightened with age.

big mo said...

Hi Midge you are looking great.

mel said...

Ahh shes sooo cute!

patricia said...

she is fantastic, very sweet.