26 June 2009

Blackpool Today



Thank you to Norman Ames for today’s photos at Blackpool, I will upload all of Norman’s photos to the blog at the beginning of next week as we are tied up with UK agility all over the weekend. A special congratulations go to Angela and Stuart with Genie and Mark with “T” as they both gained enough points today for their KC Junior Warrant Certificates!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Well done all.
Looks like you got good weather too.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

It was lovely at Blackpool Karen, the temperature when we left was 25 degrees. When we were on our way home , round about Barnard Castele the temp suddenly plummeted to 16 drizzle & mist!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Sounds about right Mark.
Hope you all had a good trip.