29 June 2009

Diesel And Fudge Delight The Residents

IMG_0773 IMG_0771






The heat did not deter Fudge and Diesel this afternoon when they performed their dance routine to a delighted audience in a local care home. It was just fantastic to see so many smiling faces and Fudge is definitely going back for some more fruit cake!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Lesley you are a marvel.
How do you ever get time to keep up the blog you are always so busy.
what a lovely thing to do for the residents.
Well done Lesley Diesel & Fudge.
P.s Looks like you have certainly caught the sun over the weekend.

k9 said...


Fantastic to see the joy all three girls brought to the residents but I dare say it will be a much discussed topic for a few days. well done you. Just called in home for 24 hours on our way to Windsor so I had to have a peek at the blog.

J&T said...

Hi Lesley, as the daughter of aged parents who love dogs but no longer able to have their own, I know how much this contact must mean to these residents. I am sure they loved every minute spent with you and the two girls. Thank you on their behalf for brightening up their day.
Jane xxx

Madeline said...

Hi Lesley

Just look at their faces! What fun.

I hope someone will be doing something like that when I eventually end up in such a place!

enid said...

It brightens up the day for the residents and is better than any medicine. I bet the dogs enjoyed the fussing too.