27 June 2009

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Skye

I've had a busy few days on my holidays from work. Firstly I had to do a horse shoot (camera, not gun!) for a work colleague, which was really enjoyable for me. Then my friends arrived on Thursday night, and we've taken in two beautiful sunsets and evQuiraing-dawn-crop-weben a sunrise/dawn (pic enclosed) which involved getting up at 2.45am. Given that they're not photography people, I was well impressed that they joined me. I think they enjoyed the sight, but we're still suffering from sleep deprivation. We've been blessed with great weather and the dogs are enjoying it too, although sometimes struggling with the heat and I think Cody may have hay fever (do dogs get this?) Briagha is still doing her houdini act through the fence into the field, and I'm still trying to stop her. I still have another week off work to go, yippee! Marie

Thanks Marie, I am not sure about dogs and hay fever but they do get grass and dust allergies. Chelsea suffers very badly this time of the year and is on constant medication to try and keep itching and swelling at bay! What a really beautiful photo certainly worth the very early start, it is just a magical scene! All you need to do  is take an afternoon nap and you will feel refreshed!

We are still at Newbury it is so hot here I decided to pull the dogs from competition this afternoon. Parker had a fantastic fast round this morning but I could not keep him under control and he had faults in the agility. He had a clear round in the steeplechase mid morning but ran lot slower due to the heat. Diesel ran well but made one small mistake for 5 faults. We are entered again tomorrow  but if it is too hot and the dogs are  lethargic I will scratch from competition. DSC_3981

Parker in the Steeplechase this morning


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Can't believe it's so hot where you are.
It's miserable in Redcar misty rain from last night and you can bet your bottom dollar it will be glorious when im back at work on monday.
Well done in the steeplechase Lesley & Parker.
Good luck tommorow.

Trish said...

Lovely photograph Marie. It is hot & humid here too, probably until at least Oct. Tropical and buggy....I hate the bugs. The photo of Lesley is great, I love seeing the agility photos. Good luck tomorrow & I hope the weather cooperates. Enjoy the rest of you holiday, Marie.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Great pic Marie.
Hope you have managed to catch up on your sleep.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

well done Lesley, the quicker you go, the less time it will take, therefore you will not exert as much energy LOL

Tina W said...

Another lovely photo Marie.
Lesley you'll be off to a shadow with all that running around! Good luck for tomorrow.

Tina W said...

Marie they reckon dogs do get hayfever due to the pollen etc. When mine get the itches I give them a piriton tablet once a day.

Marie said...

With Cody its a sort of cough/wheeze he seems to get after being out in the garden. It was my friend who said it must be hayfever. I will look into it further.

Mary Lou said...

As always, your phote is a work of art. I do so appreciate good photography. And, I am sooo bad at it. Billy yells at me all the time about sending pictures. But, if you go to his blog and check, you will see what I mean. Finally sent some pics of Billy Bob, Briagha's brother.

patricia said...

Well done Lesley, but it is soooo humid, Leo has a wheezy sort of cough today, mmmm never thought of allergy. Lovely picture marie looks like australia