28 June 2009

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia In The USA

I hear there are new pups in our blog community and can't wait to read about them and see photos of the little bundles of fluff. Here in Ocracoke we are in the summer southern "slow mode". The temps and humidity are such that you sweat standing still, so the girls have been spending most of their days in the AC. The garden has been loving this weather and I have been getting 6 to 7 tomatoes a day out of it and tons of basil. I love tomatoes, and eat a lot of them, but there are so many that Chris is going toGreyson,_Rose,_Amelia have to find something to make with them! We have been busy pressure washing the house and decks. Because of the climate here green stuff and lichen grows on everything. It is quiet a fun job.....does anyone over there in the UK ever have to do this? Owning a pressure washer here is like owning a lawn mower, everyone has one. When I lived in the north I had a snow blower & now I have traded it for a pressure washer. The girls aren't sure what to make of it, as it is noisy....they walk wide around it when it is off and check it out with great curiosity, but don't want to be outside when it is on! The cilantro that Storey and Amelia ate in last weeks report is as I expected, not re-growing. I believe it is a lost cause. The dogs and I have had a visitor from the UK. My friend Anna, who lives in West Sussex, makes these very cute "Sock Bunnies" & sells them and other art stuff on line. One of her Bunny's has been named "Global Bunny". She is been to Kenya, Cape Town, South Africa, Marrakesh, Edinburgh, Scotland and now she is here in the USA with me and is having her picture taken at sites on the island,then I will send her back to the UK and she will go off on another adventure, so the girls have gotten to do the "tourist stuff"...they have been to the Ocracoke Lighthouse, The Old Coast Guard Station. Tomorrow we will go to the beach for a bit and to see the wild ponies...then she will be off to home. People are very curious to see 5 "sheep" and a Sock Bunny out and about, we do attract a lot of attention. When I download the photos, I will send one to Lesley for the blog. I am off the trudge my way through Sunday cleaning....until next week.

Thank you Tricia it has been kind of tropical here too this weekend, very warm and humid over the last two days but not long enough for green mould to be forming on any outside wood work. It can be hot and humid here one day and cold enough for coats and jackets a few days later. It sounds like you and Anna are having a great time together, I would like to join you on the beach tomorrow, how nice to walk down the road for a cool dip into the sea! I'm home now after a dreadful day at the agility show. It was 80 degrees on the show ground mid morning and Parker decided he did not want to run and was very slow so I carried him off from the the course with three jumps still to complete, how embarrassing is that!!! What amazed me is the Jack Russels and Border terriers had no problem with the heat and ran some terrific rounds. No wonder we don’t see Bedlingtons competiting in agility competitions. Yesterday early morning he ran so fast I could not keep up with him, today a totally different dog. We are entered at the UK Agility Nationals at the end of July, I just hope the weather is cool and he does not let me down again! Bedlingtons, they certainly are challenging in performance events


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi Trish it must get uncomfortably hot when the temparature soars.
Lesley seems to be getting a taste of it where she is poor Parker having to be taken off the show ground.
We on the other hand have had a miserable weekend the weather in the Norheast was Pants Dull misty rain & not very warm at all.
I have two more weeks at work then Im off for a week not going anywhere but looking forward to a rest & spending time with Hobie Holly & Missy.
Hoping for nice weather Fingers Crossed Lol.

bill said...

yes trish send some sun to the NE england PLEASE