30 June 2009

Tuesday And Today Is Midland’s Tina Time

Good morning bloggers- I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine even although it's very humid. The dogs don't seem to be bothered too much by the warm temperatures and like many others dogs are sunbathing and then cooling off in the kitchen by lying on the stone tiles. It might be a different matter from Wednesday as we're off to just outside Oxford to do some fishing on the Thamtony_on_molly_003es and showing at Windsor on Saturday-fingers crossed it's a bit cooler by then! I have been on Bedllington Banter run by Sally and it's a great website to chat about your dogs-do make yourselves members if you haven't already. All is quiet in my household at the moment, the dogs have been fed and are lounging around waiting for the cooler night air so that we can go a walk.I started putting stuff in the caravan this afternoon and all 3 went stupid, running round and jumping at each other in sheer excitement and Ellie kept getting under my feet as usual-I think she's seen the film home alone and doesn't want me to forget her! As I won't be here next week I would appreciate if someone could drop a line to Lesley so that she has something to put on the blog next Tuesday. The photo is of the trial run of the Bradford flat cart that Tony has restored for his nephews wedding next month, I will get some better pictures of it on the wedding day. Till next time Tina.

Thank you Tina, fishing on the Thames sounds great and Oxford is not too far to go for the show on Saturday. There is no end to Tony’s talents, walking sticks and pony traps, I wonder what his next project will be? Don’t forget to send us photos of the cart at the wedding, I can see it now all decorated with flowers, just lovely !


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Thats Fab Can't wait to see the Wedding pictures.
Tina i was thinking maybe i might be able to help out with a few lines next week i have loads of photos of my Bedlies & sure i could come up with a few lines,so as long as my pc behaves itself i could give it a go.
When would be best to e-mail Lesley so she has it in time ?

Madeline said...

Hi Tina
I hope you all have a great time camping and fishing, and that you do well at Windsor.

Big Mo has been showing me the ropes on ebay - LOL!

Donna said...

thats a smart cart tony, must have taken a long time

yes wedding photo please tina i want to see your new frock and matching shoes

Lesley R Caines said...

Hi karen thanks for helping out for the Midlands, ideally Monday evening is a good for me as I can upload the report to the blog the night before. Otherwise anytime on Tuesday, and it will be on the blog by evening at the latest.
Thank you

Karen Goldsbrough said...

That's no problem Lesley.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

P.s Missy quite perky today even managed half tin of Tuna.

enid said...

What a clever person! Can't wait for the wedding photos.

bill said...

is there any room for the dogs on there Tina