29 July 2009

Please Give Me A Home

Bedlington Bitch For Re- homing (Swindon Area) Contact Number 07758248055

I year old bitch for re-homing, this has just been sent to me by Karen Hoakesy. I have been on the website but can’t find the page where this lovely little girl is advertised. If anyone can find the link please email me.

Click HERE for details

Many thanks to Peter Kiernan for the link.


Mavis is still with Greyhound Gap, don't think she is ready for rehoming yet and Im not sure if they have found a forever home for her.

Thanks to Nik, Corrie and Molly for this information,


Tina W said...

She is up for sale at £150.

Sally said...

poor lamb : (

Karen Goldsbrough said...

She is so sweet.

Nik, Corrie and Molly said...

I am considering enquiring but im a bit nervous of not having rescue back up.

Sally said...

ooh Nik good luck - could you not speak to Bedlington Terrier Rescue to see if they can advise?

mel said...

Theres another couple of bedlingtons going very cheap on free ads

mel said...


Nik, Corrie and Molly said...

someone is going to see the beddie in Swindon tomorrow, her owner will let me know how it goes.

there has been an update on Mavis too, poor soul is in a right pickle with food allergies and possible phantom pregnancy, she isnt spayed yet so she isnt going anywhere soon.

will check out the free ads thank

Lesley 2 said...

Beware of cheap Bedlingtons in adds. I know there is no guarentees with any bedlington but you need to make sure that any dog you buy has come from DNA tested parents. Unfortunately there could well be pet breeders not knowingly breeding affected bedlingtons!