29 July 2009

We Now Say Hello To Big Mo Who Has Just Retuned From A Week Away With The Bedlington Fishing Club

Hi there folks as you can see the weather was kind to us  I don't think we had one soaking. As you can see Tony Waller is looking well after his brief stay in hospital and its great for the other Tony to have his birthday away with friends, do you like his tee shirt that Tony aDSCN0836nd Sandra had made for him? It’s of the biggest fish, yes Tony won again, the other picture is of my dogs sun bathing I think it was time to turn over! They are so fussy they like there own blankets to sunbath on  they had a great time. They do like to go in the caravan they are on tender hooks when they see us loading, running around in great excitement. Hope everyone is well  and good luck with any shows that you are at. Big Mo.





Time to party!





The dogs spent the week sunbathing



DSCN0830 Tony’s  19lb 4oz winning fish

Thank you Mo I think you all had a wonderful time away, congratulations to Tony for  catching the biggest fish, and fantastic to see Tony Waller back to full health and enjoying his holiday. I don’t think I have ever seen a fish that big, he must have had a very strong line to haul that whooper into the net.


mel said...

pleased you had a nice time away and tony had a nice birthday the fish must be the biggest fish ive ever seen too!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Glad you had a good time.
Great photos especially the sunbathers lol.

Polly said...

Now I know who's ben enjoying our sunshine! Glad it went to a good home LOL
Mo those must be the biggest fish in Britain!

enid said...

Good to see Tony and Sandra enjoying themselves in the sunshine.
Back to normal inrainswepy Wales.
What sort of fish is it?

Tina W said...

It's pouring in Nottingham too-the fish is a mirror carp.

gwen said...

Glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

Donna said...

glad you had a good time well done tony!

Madeline said...

Great photos as always. You are look so pleased with life. And love the sunbathing dogs.

Tina W said...

Madeline we always have a lovely time when we go away,walking the dogs and relaxing by the side of the pond-Mo and I both love the evening when the carp are feeding on the top and we fish until it's too dark to see what we're doing,back to the van and off to bed then do it all again the next day! Great!!

k9 said...


How I envy you all, it looks like you had a great time, Brian is not relax fun orientated, but if it were something to do with man
united that would be a different matter.