30 July 2009

We say Hello To Agatha In Devon

PICT0006 Do I have to go out there in the rain!

Agatha usually loves her morning walk, but as you can see from the attached photo she is clearly thinking: "Well Mum, if you are daft enough to want to get cold and wet out there, you can go on your own.  I'm staying where I am, so just go away and leave me to snooze in peace!"  Louise

Many thanks to Louise who sent me this adorable photo yesterday. I think Agatha was not the only bedlington hiding under a duvet yesterday morning!

I want to thank Louise who will be taking some  photos for the blog  at  Paignton Championship show next week and to Karen Hoaksey who will snap away at the NBTC Champ Show on Saturday. Hopefully we will be at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show!


ed and rebecca said...

I recognise that look! Luckily it's sunny here today.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Me too.
Sunny here today too.

gwen said...

Me as well. It's pouring down here today!!!

Tina W said...

Really heavy showers in Notts-I'm sick of pegging out the washing then having to run out and get it all in so it's now in the tumble dryer-the dogs don't know whether to sun bathe on the decking or just stay indoors.

Donna said...

hello agatha you look so comfy

big mo said...

i can see you