28 August 2009

Friday Bright And Sunny, Today We Hear From Ed & Becs In The Southeast !cid_8F3FBE05-B4C2-4ABF-AAB8-77DEA5C887F5

Hi everyone! We had a busy time last weekend when family came to stay, so Ralphie got a lot of attention and some nice walks. He was a bit confused on Monday when it was just the three of us again, how boring! We had a walk with Roy and Jack earlier in the week, the boys have to make the most of the peace and quiet before the little girl pup arrives at Jack’s house. It's been booster vaccination day this week, the vet's waiting room has got to be Ralphie's least favourite place in the whole world. He hid under the chair and refused to say hello to the nurse. He didn't even notice the actual injection, though he looks a bit under the weather today. I'm sure he'll be raring to go by the weekend. Enjoy your weekend , don't forget your cameras! Love from Ralphie, Rebecca and Ed xx

Thank you Ed & Becs, vets over and Ralphie can enjoy his weekend. With pups we are home this weekend, it seems strange not to be going off to an event with the dogs, no excuse now not to clean the windows!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Nice butt Lol
Hope Ralphie is back on full throttle soon.
Hobie & Holly are getting theirs in the morning so they probably will be a bit subdued too.
Have a great Bank holiday weekend.

big mo said...

Bottoms up.

patricia said...

HELLO to you three, have a nice break see you soon love pat and the boys