27 August 2009

Holly & Hobie.

Just thought I would send you this photo Of Hobie & Holly catching some rays. Been all quiet lately just looking forward to our holiday with the dogs in Scotland . Not wanting the summer to end but October can't come soon enough I  feel desperate for a break. Love KarenFoto-PR8RLH8Y

Thanks Karen what a wonderful cool place to chill out on a hot summer’s day! I bet they are asking for a nice cool Pimms with lots of ice. October is not far off it is exciting to have a holiday to look forward to.


ed and rebecca said...

Don't they look happy! What lovely cushions to sit on.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

They are happy little peeps.
Those cushions i got them from matalan about 5 years ago but have since redecorated so they are now non matching so got relegated to the summer house on the floor so Hobie & Holly decided that they were going to nab them ....little imps Lol

patricia said...

lovely photo, they look so happy.has anybody seen the chiggers yet, leo has them already, they dont like larry for some reason.!