30 August 2009

Miss Pie Looking Good Today!


Miss Pie looking good at SKC this morning, her first prize means she qualifies for Crufts next March, well done Billy. Thanks to Billy for the photo.


victoria and mr.bojangles said...

welldone billy! see you at crufts!

David Bruce said...

Well done Billy.
Is she really that white? or is it the flash?


Well done Wor Billy

The Makems

Trish said...

Great job Billy and Miss Pie.

David Bruce said...

C'mon folks, who are trying to kid here.
Miss Pie was in a class of TWO entries - and one didn't turn up!
If this is what we call a "first prize" and "qualifying for Crufts"

k9 said...


Great good things come in small packages, Thats "Miss Pie" and Billy! a real ambassador for the breed, not like others who seem to live in a world of nothing but spiteful critism, you know who it is folks, why bother if it upsets you so much, get another clean hankie out to mop the tears!

Lesley R Caines said...

Mr Bruce Billy was awarded a first place, if the judge did not think pie was worthy she could have witheld the first.

Unfortunately your personal critism on folks and their dogs alienates you from people in the breed. attacking verbally other people's dogs is not the way foraward in your goal.
In fact all you are doing is widening the gap between between show and working enthusiasts!

David Bruce said...

Not criticism at all Lesley, more of an observation.
How can a dog qualify for anything in an entry of one?
How can this be good for any breed?

As for widening any gaps, it goes way further than that. There is no gap, just two very distinct types of Bedlington, one is the true type, one is not.

julie o said...

well done billy and pie you both look great

bill said...

you gota be in to win it !!!

i am sure there will be more than me at Crufts.

now that would be something if only me and pie turned up.

Tina W said...

What class will you be in ?

Mary Lou said...

Congrats to Billy & Miss Pie. I am so very proud of them both. It has been a hard road for them, with Miss Pie being very different from the English dogs. And, Billy knew this going in. Peole lie Mr. Bruce will always be around. Thank goodness he is not representative of the great folks I met in England & Scotland. Some people will never get in there and compete, but only find frault with those that do. We have some people like that here in the USA, too. I guess there has to be one in every neighborhood.

Mary Lou & The Woofs

Malin said...

Congratulation Billy1