30 August 2009

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia On Oracoke Island USA

Good afternoon everyone. First I want to say congratulations to Shirley and Stewart on their wins this morning. It looks like Genie is a real star. And of course congratulations to Diesel and Lesley on that beautiful litter of puppies. Here in Ocracoke the weather has been hot and humid and will continue to be such probably until the end of October. The last 2 weeks ends we have had tropical systems move up the coast....and we got no rain from either Storey_on_deck_stepsone! Lots of huge surf, they chased away the tourists but brought in a ton of surfers & washed out the road....again. Tomorrow we start the grooming process...I will start by doing, tummies, tails. faces and feet....then each day before I go to work each one will have the clippers run over them..I am hesitant to take their coat off because I am afraid the mosquitoes will really eat them up! Now they have so much hair on all the places they are supposed to be bald I think if protects them from the bugs. I can't remember the mosquitoes being this bad for this long....miserable . I think all the rain you all have been having is a result of the storms that have gone up the coast here & then turn NE to go across the Atlantic....they go as far north as the Canadian maritime and then off the you guys!
Time of get off and do my chores and get my day going...it 9:45 am here....

Thanks Tricia, would you believe it is raining here and very cool, Jon actually asked me when the clocks go back! It is not until the end of October but you wouldn’t think so with the weather here today! I think you are wise keeping a longer coat on the girls, shaved skin must be a magnet for blood sucking type insects! I love the photo of Storey on the steps she looks amazing after having such a bad start in life, what a beautiful little girl!


big mo said...

Good idea i will leave mine longer as we have wasps

enid said...

I'm going to do the same. There are so many midges about and Larry is like a magnet to them.
Bedlingtons love being up above everyone!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Lots of midges here too.
Hobie & holly are quite long at the moment but hobie has got himself a couple of itchy bumps poor love ,