28 August 2009

We Have New Bedlington Family To The Blog!  

This is a photo of our 4 BedlingtoSummer_07_779ns, Snoopy who is now 15, Holly who sadly died last September, aged 13, Holly and Snoopy's daughter Pumpkin who is 12, and the latest addition to the family Co Co who is 3, she is more clown than Chanel! 

Many thanks to Suzanne Bellis who sent me this photo of her lovely Bedlington family. I think they are all quite excited as  Diesel’s blue boy puppy will be joining them in October. I think he is going to be thoroughly spoilt!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

How sweet & how lucky Suzanne to be getting Diesels little boy Lol xx

Welcome to this blog nice to meet you.

big mo said...

Helo and welcome to our world.

Elaine & Ern said...

Well said Mo - welcome to our world

patricia said...

Hello, I live with larry and leo nice to meet you.