30 September 2009

Just A note

We welcome the K9 Magazine to our blog. Thank you so much for viewing and Leaving a comment on our blog. I would like to thank the magazine for the news that is so much a part of our daily news here on bedlingtonpictures.


K9 Magazine said...

Why, that's the warmest welcome I've ever had for leaving a comment! I can honestly say, I do visit this site most days (I have soft spot for the breed) and enjoy the range of topics covered. I am always fascinated by how different, breed specific sites develop their own personality - and this is one that I find to be particularly warm and friendly (must say something about Bedlington owners :)

Trish said...

Wow!! Thanks for visiting our blog. There are really a wonderful bunch of Bedlington people here. The friendliest dog blog you can find I'll bet. Welcome!

Lesley R Caines said...

I knew you liked the breed after your article about breeds that could do with more recognition. The blog is not just about pure bred bedlingtons as we love to here sbout lurchers, cross breeds and we hold a special place in our hearts for all those kind people who take a rescue into their homes!