28 September 2009

News From Ian And The k9 Marshalling Bedlingtons

Sunday 27th September Jazz, Sapphire and I went for our daily adventures down the Llangollen canal and got stopped by a nice couple, who were moored up on their narrow boat to say hello to Jazz and Sapphire. They hadn't seen a bedlington for a number of years and while we were all talking the last remaining Vulcan bomber flew over head at 2 thousand feet on its way back home from an air display in Southport. Jazz and Sapphire looked on in amazement as did us all, as the fantastic sight of a great plane as it flew into the distance.!cid_D77F40A034374900881AF46E18D3518E@alexPC

The day after, the k9 marshal crew raced down to R A F Shawbury to see the famous red arrows who put on a display.  Both  Jazz and Sapphire were not put off by all the noise from the jets but sat there  in the field and watched them fly 100 feet above their heads. Afterwards they both enjoyed a big 99 ice~cream! Now both Jazz and Sapphire are saving all there paw money to get a fast bird like those planes to put on a display of their own at the next Midland Bedlington show!

Thank you Ian all this brings back memories, when we were posted to Malta and Jon, flying Nimrods, the Vulcan was the other aircraft stationed in Malta with us. Gosh Ian that was many moons ago!


ed and rebecca said...

Lucky bedlingtons!

julie o said...

great report what lucky boys you have and seeing the red arrows great

Donna said...

hi ian, we live not far from raf waddington and could watch red arrows from garden doing their training everyday but without the pretty smoke. havent seen them much this year tho. when air show was on the vulcan flew over our chimmney but heard folk were dissapointed as it was only on static display.

lesley i once went on a nimrod simulator at raf kinloss and i did very well and still have the print off!

bill said...

i cant wait to see the display,looks like your fancy dress is sorted

Lesley R Caines said...

Donna it is more than I have done I have never been anywhere a Nimrod let alone fly the simulator! The nimrods were ar Kinloss and and St Mawgan in Cronwall, we came back from Malta and was then stationed at St Mawgan as i said many moons ago!