30 September 2009

Wednesday Is Welsh Wafflings Day And We Say Hello To Enid


Hi, Everyone. The sun is shining and I am still able to pick flowers from the garden even though it will be October tomorrow.flowers The beans are continuing to grow so that's a bonus. The fine weather makes going to shows so much easier. Our Midland Bedlington Open Show was held at a new venue and many people choose to groom the dogs outside because it was such a nice day. I think most people enjoyed themselves and it was a pleasure to see so many new people and meet up with old friends. I spend most of my time in the kitchen so only get time for a chat when serving tea! I must say that our judge, Peter, looked very smart as did the ring stewards. Well done, Jane - you can come again! I had entered Larry in Veteran but he's had problems with mites and his coat was really out of condition so I didn't show him. I think he was disappointed because he enjoys being shown but he liked watching all the goings on and the small piece of left over pie he got to eat. On the way home I got confused at the M42/M6 junction and we ended up in Coventry and had to come home the scenic route via Stratford. We were not alone getting lost - Diane relied on her sat nav to go to the Newport Dog Show where they had a Bedlington class for the first time and it took her to the wrong side of Cardiff and by the time she arrived the Terriers had finished. Judy gave me my calendar on the weekend and I must say I am very pleased with it. We're off to the Driffield Champ Show tomorrow so hope to see lots of you on Saturday. If you are going, Julie, I've got your ring clip from Deryk Owen so remind me! Good luck to everyone and remember- win or lose the best dog goes home with you!

Thank you Enid, the Midland show was great and always so nice to meet new people and welcome them to the breed. And as you say it is great to win but at the end of the day you take the best dog home. We had a fun day catching up with friends old and new and tucking into a delicious lunch put together by a dedicated team in the kitchen. See you at Driffield, Jon is staying home baby sitting the pups but Martin has kindly offered to take the blog show photos.


patricia said...

Dahlias I love them my favourites, I have a dinner plate mauve one, yum, your navigation skills sound like mine.!!

poppydog said...

Hi Enid, sorry to hear that Diane missed the terrier classes. We were unable to go after all as Jack had a tummy bug during Friday night so neither of us felt very good. Your flowers look beautiful, see you at the BTA Maria.

Polly said...

Ahhh We've done the scenic route a few times LOL

Last time I used a Sat-Nav I almost threw it out of the window it was so useless! Never again!

Enid you're so lucky having flowers in the garden. Between the slugs at the start of the year and Lola thru what passed for summer, I had nothing worth looking at!

julie o said...

enid so sorry not going on saterday have to work this weekend please give my clip to mark or billy they will be able to get it back to me thanks

Donna said...

i love dahlias too but haveny got any!

Nik, Corrie, Molly and Elmo said...

I love that 'the best dog goes home with you' , ive never heard that before, very nice.