30 October 2009

Friday And The Southeast Report From Ed Becs & Ralphie

This week was the start of the new school term for Ralphie, he coped very well with a new class full of bouncy Labradors . We've got homework already! A down stay when the doorbell rings ....I don't think so. That's going to take some practice and plenty of sausage!We met some lovely dogs on the beach this week , Bean a bedlington cross and Blue, a liver bedlington ( both named by the smallest children of the family ) Ralphie thought they were great fun.

!cid_5F593BDF-4DFD-4EDD-8717-BB11E2135575 They certainly had a lot of hair, Ralphie is working u!cid_EF0E3AF9-8DB4-4D91-B3B7-126A8408AFEFp to that for the grooming seminar . We've made the most of some lovely sunny afternoons on the beach and in the puddles, the only downside is all the sand in the car and the house. He won't  shake 'til he gets in the front door!  



Let’s Play


Have we met? I am sure I have seen you somewhere before! 

Love to everyone from Ralphie, Ed and Rebecca x.

Thank you Ed and Becs, Rlaphie’s new friends look like bearded collies/bedlingtons with all that coat. I wonder why they called the liver bedlington “ Blue”, that has to be a first!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Ralphie is a lucky boy to have so many friends & he always seems to love his trips to the beach xx

J&T said...

We have met a lovely young liver bedlington in Southwold who is called Violet!
Our lot think Ralphie is a very lucky chap living so close to the beach.
Jane xxx

big mo said...

great pictures, great to meet new friends

Tina W said...

I love the way Ralphies back feet are on the rock.