31 October 2009

Letter From Dot and Dora Our Obedience Duo

I took Dora to her first obedience class with the experienced dogs.  What a good girl she did everything that was asked of her and an unexpected bonus was that she did a complete retrieve.  Dora would not pick up or hold and would just rag the object when we first started the classes.  However a bit of work every night with lots of treats and praise and she did it.  We have now booked in for the pre beginners and the beginners in December and look forward to going.  Another bonus is she thrives on the work and is completely at home with the others dogs like she has been going all her life.  Will get someone to take a photo of her working and at the next show in the stays. Regards Dot

Fantastic Dot we are so proud of you, I lot of hard work and commitment  goes into training a bedlington for competition obedience! Good luck next month, I am really looking forward to seeing some photos. Are you you up for a demo at the Fun day in May?


enid said...

Looks as though you are having lots of fun with Dora.

big mo said...

Well done Dot Tony will be chuffed