31 October 2009

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Scotland

There hasn't been much happening up here this week, just the usual mix of weather and work. I'm now off work for a week though, and I have visitors arriving on Thursday. We are hoping to go to the fireworks display next Saturday at Dunvegan castle, as I would love to get some good pics of that. I'll send one for the blog if I manage to get anything useful.dogs

Briagha continues to sneak into the field, but doesn't go far and sneaks back indoors hoping that I haven't noticed where she's been! Cody currently has half a haircut as I clippered his body but haven’t trimmed his head yet, so he looks like a skinny lion at the moment. I'll get that finished today hopefully. Marie

Thank you Marie enjoy your time off, I am really looking forward to seeing your fireworks photos, I have every faith that you will get some super shots! Cody’s coat looks fantastic a true liver bedlington.


Marie said...

Who's Maia? :-)

big mo said...

marie i have just told lesley its one of those moments again

rich coat on your dog reminds me of a fox that walked past last night.

gwen said...

Lovely pic Marie.

patricia said...

I do my 2 bit by bit marie, bums get done last and toenails. x