13 November 2009

Another 2010 Bedlington Terrier Calendar 28_3343

This calendar is widely available in the shops or on line. The photos look posed and are all roughly the same. This calendar is slightly more expensive than the BTA also the BTA calendar is for 15 months not the usual 12! Roughly £4 from the sale of each BTA calendar will go to Bedlington rescue, re-homing and health.

Click Here to view this commercial calendar

The BTA calendars are available through Judy Thompson, not only do they make a lovely gift for friends or family but every calendar sold will provide much needed money to help the bedlingtons that find themselves without a home and in rescue kennels.

1 comment:

Elaine & Ern said...

There was a time I may have been tempted by something like this - now would rather have photos of the bedlingtonblog crew up to all sorts of mischief and living life to the full.

Roll on next years comp.