12 November 2009

Archie Stars On Dorset Cereals Banner!

I am writing to tell you that Archie is one of the featured (banner pictures) on the Dorset Cereals web site with the caption" walking to work is better than driving", it is a pic taken in the Cotswold Country Park in May of this year, it features my daughter and Archie walking under the huge trees that are in the park. I know that this is not of great significance but it is quite nice :)
regards Paul

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Thank you Paul it certainly is a lovely photo with the trees and shadows!


ed and rebecca said...

great photo!

enid said...

Lovely photo - great for the breed.

Tina W said...

Bet you're proud !

Polly said...

Paul that's a lovely photo of them both! you must be so proud!

doone said...

we were very pleased as we were sent a full case of the lovely cereals!,thanks for the comments, regards