23 November 2009

The Bloggers Know How To Party!!

Hello Bloggers

Here's a few pics from Friday night of Bedlington bloggers on a night out.   First we start off quite respectable but as the night wore on some of us deteriorated.  Once again the Janmarks won most of the raffle prizes, guess this was because Mark was in charge of selling the tickets. Marks new pup looks as if it has nice colour though not too sure about the length of it's nose, and the air guitar, well what more can we say. The Makem 



Love the black shirt and yellow tie, Derek!  I bet you are a great little mover, Jan you look like a teenager! 


A slurp for you and two slurps for me! MM, maybe none for you and all for me don’t want a drunk bedlington, can’t see straight but I think there is something wrong with your nose !!!!! 


Shake rattle and roll those hips Mark!!!!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

It was a very good night, we certainly all enjoyed it in our wine induced conditions!

Derek is dancing with Nora (not Jan) in the photo, while Alan was glued to watching Kes on his portable dvd in the car (doesnt do dancing!!) LOL.

Five prizes in the raffle for Jan & I, not a bad tally, bet they dont ask me to sell them again.

The elephant has already gone to a very worthy cause.

enid said...

Looks like a great night out. I bet there were a few sore heads the next day!

Donna said...

wOooO !

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Love the air guitar move xx