13 November 2009

Chief And Violet

Chief-and-Violet Here is a picture of our pups Chief and Violet. Chief is on the left. I hope to have some photos of the other girls for you next week in their new homes. Jill Collier

Gosh Jill haven’t they grown since I saw them at the beginning of October. I bet they are a couple of tearaways!


J&T said...

What a guilty looking pair! What have they been up to?
Jane xxx

patricia said...

They are lovely, x

Polly said...

Ohh double trouble LOL they've grown a lot since October!

doesn't Violet look like a real 'girly girl"

Chief looks a real 'ruffty tuffty' boy!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

they look like trouble!

julie o said...

what have they done with faces like that

Trish said...

Their little faces are so sweet...I love the name Violet..perfect name for her. You are doubly blessed with these 2. I bet they are tons of fun!