19 November 2009


IMG_2159 Solo has had lots of visitors this week. On Monday Jake came with Francis and Peter. Tuesday we had a visit from Maria, Alan, Jack and Morgan. I think Jack would have liked to kidnap Solo! Diane came today and had a lovely time cuddling him. Fizz will only allow people in to see her baby - strictly no dogs! The gas engineer is due tomorrow so I expect he will have to see Solo too. Enid xx

Great photo Enid, nothing is going to get done in your house from now on!




Do you find that a bitch is more protective/caring when she only has a small litter?? We are finding our Chrystal seems to be with the pups this time then when she had bigger litters.

Eileen & Derek The Makems

big mo said...

one of mine only had 2 pups and she did not leave them for two days not even for a pee i could not get her to leave them, perhaps they dont need a break i now if i had six kids i would want to go somewhere fast.

enid said...

I don't think she's any different this time. If I remember correctly, she guarded her puppies until they were almost weaned.