22 November 2009

Diary Date for 2012



Scandinavian Bedlington Club are planning a bedlington weekend in Sweden in summer 2012, ten years after the very successful show and seminar the club had in Gimo 2002.

We hope that we can be on the same location as in 2002, that will be at the Manison in Gimo, but that location is not sure yet. We are going to have a CC-show with a English judge/ bedlington breeder, just like we had in 2002 (then is was Mr Ernie Hill that judge our show with 75 bedlingtons). More information about the show and the seminar will come later. There will be lunches, dinners and also this time a grooming demonstration of the English, Swedish and American grooming styles. This grooming demonstration was very much appreciated when we had it in 2002. If we can hold it at the Mansion in Gimo people that come and join us can book to stay in a Manison hotel room, the Manison was built around 1750 .

I like to inform you all about this bedlington weekend already now, even if there is 2 ½ years left before the event so you all can start planning to come to Sweden in 2012 and join us. You know that you can bring dogs to Sweden if your dogs have a pet passport but if you don’t bring a dog we hope that you just come and join this event anyway. Hopefully bedlington fanciers from all around the world will come and join us. If Lesley allows it I will continue to update you all about this bedlington weekend in Sweden summer 2012.

Galleri02 Click Here to see the hotel website

Hello Malin, wow this sounds like lots for fun, and please do keep updating us on the event. I know it is a long way off but by saving and planning now more of us will be able to attend. Looking forward to hearing more about this great bedlington weekend!



We were at the show in 2002 and was a fantastic week end. The Folk are lovely, the place is lovely and not too far to travel to and a chance to meet other Bedlington lovers from around the world.

It's worth going a few days before and paying a visit to Stockholm.

The Makems

Malin said...

Derek, yes I agree that the show in 2002 in Gimo was fantastic. We had so much luck with the weather too. And it was so nice to see so many bedlingtonfancies from around the world join us during that week. So we hope on the same luck in 2012. Today I got confirm that from the Manison in Gimo that we was welcome to be there. So that was great news! 2 ½ years will go very fast, and I welcome you all to Sweden in summer 2012. // Malin

enid said...

We had a great time there. The mansion is very grand and as Malin said the weather was fabulous and so was the food and the hospitality. There is a lovely boating lake in the grounds. It was so interesting to meet other Bedlington people from all over.They had come from Australia, Russia, Norway and the USA.