20 November 2009

Friday And We Say Hello To Rd Becs, And Ralphie

Hi everyone,

This weeks photo is Ralphie sniffing the breeze. It gives you a good view of his beard, he has been growing it specially for the grooming seminar! The rest of him is rather woolly too, when I brushed him this morning he looked like a little grey fluffy cloud! The weather has been very windy this week and Ralphie has been helping to tidy the garden by bringing leaves and other garden debris into the house. In class this week we practised 'stop the dog' where you stop your dog either moving towards or away from you. A real life saver if you can get it right. Ralphie was a bit distracted because Bonnie the westie had home made liver cake and he would rather have that than sausage! See you on Sunday, love from Ralphie, Rebecca and Ed x.

!cid_E2F72722-88F2-4184-92B0-45C22DBA5421Thank you Ed and Becs, I presume the emergency stop is for you KC Gold award. It is really hard to get them to stop dead, Parker would always insist on walking a couple of steps forward. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


mayfly said...

I love this photo. I dream of having a Bedlington one day (soon) but am worried I won't be able to groom the ears or find a groomer to do it. I saw a woman groom Bedlington ears on YouTube (or something like that), and it looks scary.

Ralphie is adorable.

patricia said...

Hi Ed becs and ralphie, that a woolley picture, larry and leo are woolley at the moment, what horrid weather we are having.

I stop my 2 dead by saying car car coming. leo if in a country lane even walks to the grass verge. and they wont come out the wood until I say so. I think thats really good, as its only been repetative training. have a nice day sunday

enid said...

Looking forward to see a photo of a really smart Ralphie next week! I love him all wooly though.

Madeline said...

Wooly dogs are great - but close trimmed is better when the little blighters roll in fox poo, as Thandi did yesterday. Look forward to seing trimmed Ralphie - I hope you don't run out of time and have him half cut!

Elaine & Ern said...

Hello Ralphie - great photo -

Mac stands for hours looking over the valley and sniffing the air. Lily lasts about 20 seconds - can't stand still for a minute - she's such a fidget.