27 November 2009

Friday,  Wet Again But Ralphie’s Photo Brings A Little Sunshine A Dull Morning! !cid_23321704-46DC-4622-8A95-B337B748CA96

Here's a photo of Ralphie down at the beach with his new aerodynamic haircut.  For that we have to thank Chris Harris, Judy Thompson and Stuart Yearley for their help in getting Ralphie in shape at the grooming seminar.  He's quite a wriggler on the grooming table and without their help Ralphie would have gone home looking terrible!  We learnt a lot on Sunday, so maybe we'll have a go at grooming him again.  Unfortunately for Ralphie it's going cold this weekend, he'll be wanting all that coat back we cut off!  Love from Ralphie, Rebecca and Ed x

Thanks Ed &Becs, the grooming seminar was a real learning curve   and everyone went home feeling  more positive about trimming their dogs. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we have another one! 


patricia said...

Hello little cone head, he look so sweet guys, just saw rose she is lovely.x

martin and julie said...

Looking good Ralphie!