21 November 2009

Happy Birthday To Sigyn

Sigyn is 1 today ( Saturday ) Can you believe it!
We would also like to wish happy birthday to her sisters, Poppy and Belle, She is going to be celebrating with the legendary blog pork pie which she really deserves this week after having to have a operation on her eye on Thursday after having very bad eye infection, she seems to be over the worst thank god and i just hope our luck is in for a change!pictures_187
Sorry i haven't written anything lately  we have had more than our fair share of bad luck recently with most of our animals taken ill  including Having to have our  guinea pig who was 6 put to sleep due to liver failure, a delivery company poisoning my 3 larger dogs by leaving a 3kg parcel of horse supplement over my fence and my dogs ate it and the vets bills have been crippling and I've been ill myself with my skin and now have to inject myself twice a week for the next 3 month to see if there will be any improvement! Our livery yard has also been hit by Strangles a very infectious disease  which is most infectious to the under 5s. Strangles is big pustular cists that develop in the neck and burst causing pain and horses can die, so we have just got to hope and pray Binky comes through without catching it! I don't think our "family" can possibly have any more bad luck and we are trying to stay positive through out!  Two picks I'm sending are Sigyn( as it is her birthday) and of Binky enjoying running about hasn't he grown! Mel


Thank You Mel, goodness you have had a hard time. Everything bad seems to come in threes! A very happy birthday to Sigyn  Poppy and Belle, I expect they will all be spoilt today. What a lovely photo of Binky enjoying himself.


agathasmum said...

We'll keep our fingers (and paws) crossed for Binky. Many years ago I had a pony that caught strangles, but she made a full recovery. There were 7 ponies on the yard, 3 caught it, but the other 4 were fine. Like Lesley said, bad luck comes in 3's, so you must be on the way back up now!

Happy birthday Sigyn! Enjoy the pork pie.

mayfly said...

Better days ahead for all of you! Happy Birthday and get well soon!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Sigyn, you have grown from an absolutely adorable puppy into a beautiful young lady. Have a great birthday, I know your Mom will make it special. Sorry to hear you are in a down cycle Mel..I am sure things will start going better. The photo of Binky is lovely. Chin up, but times are on there way.

ian said...

happy birthday sigyn from her sister belle who has just been to the park and is resting before her pork pie belle is going to the grooming seminar tomorrow see everbody there ian trudie christine belle and brian


Hello Mel

Where's you bin?? Looks a nice gallopa.

The Makem

Tina W said...

The only way is up!! Happy Birthday Sigyn,glad all went well with the op and fingers crossed that the strangles by passes Binky who has certainly grown!

karen said...

Happy birthday Sigyn x

big mo said...

gosh you deserve a break things have got to get better,

bill said...

things can only get better

Linda said...

Hi Mel

Not spoken to you in ages. I have finally figured out how to post comments!!

Hope things are getting better for you and Happy Birthday to Sigyn