16 November 2009

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria

On Monday we took rose to obedience. We took some doggy choc drops,and fish flavoured treats, which Rose loves. she behaved really well and came to me when called. We also had to do a sponsored stay. Rose stayed for 4 minutes which was much longer than when Jack did it ,who only lasted 30 seconds. We didn't go to agility because I had a dance rehearsal after school. My dad took rose to ringraft on Thursday but I couldn't go because I had lots of homework to catch up on. My dad says she went really well and is improving on walking   LPIC1176

on Sunday we went to see jacks little puppy,lolly. he is 5 weeks old and was really sweet. Rose had lots of fun playing with him and teaching him how to play fight. Lolly is a really dark chocolate brown and has a really thick coat.he is soon going to a new home in Cornwall,to a lady who has had 3 bedlingtons. My dad is really looking forward to the grooming seminar next Sunday. Our next show is the LKA on the 12 December. Good luck with all those showing,and with pups. Lots of love Victoria, Jack Gojangles and baby Rose.

LPIC1178Jack and his boy Lolly

Thank you Victoria, wow what a beautiful liver boy, he just looks like one of my puppies. I do hope we can see him grow up. I bet Rose and Lolly had a wonderful time playing.  Jack should be very proud of his young man! I am very impressed with you and Rose a four minute stay for such a young pup is fantastic!


patricia said...

Hi you all, well done little rose, thats an amazing stay, what a lovely chocolate lolly!!sorry have not been in touch, no telephone for a week, back on at the moment. x x


Hello Victoria

Lolly looks a lovely pup, hope he keeps some of his dark colour as he grows up. You must have a lot of patience to do the agility, we doubt if our lot would be very good at it.

Good luck at LKA.

The Makems

J&T said...

Wow, Victoria 4 minutes is very impressive indeed. Maya couldn,t last 4 seconds, (she has the attention span of a gnat!!!!)Lolly is gorgeous and such a great name.
Jane xxx

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

I presume the bottom photo is Rose & Lolly? The top photo is with his dad.

Excellent with the training, mine take not the blind bit of notice!

Trish said...

Great job with Rose Victoria. Obedience takes alot of time and patience and is so worth it. I love now that they start the dogs at such a young age, they are learning so fast! Beautiful dark pup.

Polly said...

A four minute stay!! that's brilliant!! Lola can manage about 30 seconds - and she spends most of that wriggling, especially if she thinks I've got a nice treat.

big mo said...

mine can do 4secs