23 November 2009

Monday Junior Handler Day And We Catch Up With Victoria

on Monday rose went to obedience.she was very good,coming when i called and walking next to me when we had to do heel. It was Jack’s 3rd birthday on Monday so we got him a pork pie. It was quite difficult taking pictures of Jack and Rose near the pork pie as Rose could wait until she could eat it and Jack kept looking at my Dad. Jack got a reindeer fluffy tug toy for his birthday but rose has already ripped it in half. On Tuesday Jack went to agility,Jack did quite well and went quite fast through the weave poles but didn't run very fast and stopped listening the last 2 runs.

On Saturday we took Jack and Rose to Reculver Cliffs. Jack and Rose ran and had play fights we then went onto the beach, Jack and Rose ran around in circles and jumped over rocks. A bull type dog and a French bulldog wanted to play with Rose but were a bit rough and Rose got a bit scared. She was rolled onto her back and got very wet and sandy. We were going to bath Jack and Rose anyway because of the grooming seminar on Sunday.

On Sunday we went to see Sandra and Norman before the grooming seminar. We had a nice cup of tea and showed Rose to her mum. we got to the seminar a bit early so me and my dad helped setting it up. Thank you to Stuart who gave Sonny some hot wheels cars. We took Rose with us for her to get used to lots of dogs around her for the shows. My dad got lots of tips from some of the best groomers in the country and Jack looks really good. It was really nice to meet up with everybody and there was a really nice atmosphere. It was my first time I saw Kerry and Jamie's iris, she behaved VERY well on the table and looked very grown up when she was finished being clipped. Our next show is LKA and I think Rose's first show is 7th February at Lowestoft. See you soon. Lots of love ,Victoria, Jack Bo Jangles and baby Rose

P1050639Dad gets to grip with the finer points of show trimming.

Thank you Victoria, it was lovely to meet Rose yesterday, I think she enjoyed meeting all the dogs. Jack really looked fantastic after Dad finished grooming him, he certainly now knows how to show trim a bedlington..   


patricia said...

Glad you had a nice day, waiting to see jacks lovely coat.see u weds x

chris worrall said...

I met Rose yesterday and enjoyed my cuddle. She is lovely.

enid said...

A job well done. Looking forward to seeing Rosie in the future.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

What is the show at Lowestoft?
I guess there are bedlingtons scheduled, whos judging?

karen said...

three classes at lowestoft, novice post grad and open, judge is mr r eastall(Daedal)

Kerry said...

we had such a great day to,Rose is so cute, can you tell dad thank you for his help