29 November 2009

The Pitman Painters ( From The Gallery)

Hello Bloggers

Further to the articles on the Pitman Painters.  I don't recall seeing a copy of the Bedlington painting in the gallery but did see the following in the trip through the pit display.  I bet some of the of the bloggers remember their days down the pit but doubt if they would have had a tin bath hanging up at the back door. Looking forward to comments.  The Makem

!cid_E045B694-51FB-40BA-BE00-63221FCE8AF3!cid_C7A7C6D3-BCE1-4240-AD5B-D3811C4683A4!cid_6F12C92A-60BF-4E0C-954C-C6B341BE35D6Thanks Derek, I just wish the company were still on tour, learning the history behind the painters and watching  the video trailer made me realise what I have missed.


enid said...

In our area there were a lot of small mines that didn't have pithead baths so we remember the tins baths well. The colliers never washed over their spines because they thought the water would weaken them. Hefin was brought up in a miners cottage and did not have a bathroom until he was 14, and so he had to use a tin bath in front of the kitchen fire.It was an old bath that had developed a leak during the war. It was not possible to buy a replacement bath at that time, and a metal washer had been used to seal the hole. You had to be very careful which end of the bath you got in as it could be quite painful if you sat on the washer.

tony waller said...

I remember the tin baths when i was a lad that's all we had to bath in, it use to be hung on a dog nail in the back yard. I remember seeing the miners from Aldwarke pit in their pit clothes & wearing clogs with their black faces, it was the pit where i did my underground training, it did have pithead baths when i was there. It also had a steam winder for getting the coal out some 850yrd's below ground, we also had pit pony's which i use to work with.


Ay I knew this one would bring some good tales from bygone days. Although there was a pit in Sunderland my grandparents and uncles were all in the yards and lived in newish council houses so had posh baths. Mind you when I was a boy, just a few years past, I had to get bathed in the wash boiler after the washing and after the fire below the boiler was out and the water a bit cooler.

The Good old days.

The Makem

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Now then, Im not that old, but when I was a young wee one, the only bath we had was a tin bath, no bathrooms in our terraced row, these were miners terraces, but for Iron Ore mines not coal.
It used to be placed in front of the fire, unfortunately this wasa in the front room & the main door to the house was in that room that led straight onto the street! Mind you there were only 2 downstairs & 2 upstairs rooms.

It was when we moved when I was around 6 that we got our first bathroom with a proper bath.
It was some years after that before we got the central heating run from the coal fire via a back boiler.