21 November 2009

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie Who Is Very Excited!

I got some exciting news this week. I've been shortlisted in the new talent category of travel photographer of the year, which is an international contest involving around 60 countries. The final judging will take place next month. I doubt if I'll get any further in the competition, but just being shortlisted is a big achievement for me.I'll have some of my prints on sale at a local Christmas fayre soon as well, so its all go.   If only I could give up the day job!

The weather continues to be very wet and windy and the dogs are not happy, but at least we're not flooded like many poor families further south. Marie


This is fantastic news you must be so excited!!!!  Don’t be defeatist you are so talented, all your photos are incredible the fire works at the castle was outstanding! Congratulations for being short listed, have you got a date when the results will be announced? 


Trish said...

Excellent news Marie! How excited you must be. Your photos are stunning, I don't know how you could have any doubts about that. Let us know how it comes out. I will anxiously awaiting the results. Best of luck to you!

Tina W said...

Well done Marie-you have so much talent and being shortlisted just shows how good you are-fingers crossed that you go further.

big mo said...

I have a good feeling about this good luck

bill said...

good news Marie do you get to travel then