14 November 2009

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie

There's supposed to be strong gales and heavy rain up here, but all is calm at the moment. Yesterday I bought a wii fit and had great fun last night setting it up and doing some of the exercises. The dogs looked on in bewilderment, and Cody barked every time the wee dog on the virtual jogging circuit barked. I even played some golf, tennis, baseball and bowling before I went to bed. So it looks like a weekend of fun and games for me while the novelty is still there!

I don't expect to get much photography done at this time of year with the long hours of darkness and miserable weather. Although last week I took a trip to Glen Affric (near Inverness) and got this lovely reflection pic which I enclose today. Marie

glenaffric%20reflect1000Thank you Marie, another lovely photo you must have quite a portfolio now. I can’t find your website address please can you post it in the comments as we would like to see a your updated portfolio


Marie said...

Lesley, its

big mo said...

keep these comming i could look at these all day

Trish said...

I have it bookmarked....I love you site Marie.

clinica said...

You are very lucky to live in such a beautifull place !!