14 November 2009

Something To Brighten Up These Dark Days

Hello Bloggers

Here's something to brighten up these dark pre Christmas days. Back in September we had a few days down in Cornwall at the Caravan Club site at Trewethett Farm. This site is situated on the cliff tops between Tintagel and Boscastle with lovely views out into the Atlantic.

Plenty of walking to do though very hilly especially the cliff top walks. We did the cliff walk to Tintagel, very up and down this way, you !cid_2F8E7DC162DA4F80925545847D54DCFA@LesleyDellcould easily go over the cliff edge in some parts so you have to watch the dogs. We all know the history of Arthur and Merlin from the present series on the BBC on Saturday nights, they were not at home so had to have coffee in the cafe.

The village of Tintagel although small is still canny, lovely pasty shop here so get yours to take back to the caravan site or join every one !cid_4ACBAA8C7981431ABF4F17895624AAE6@LesleyDell else and eat it on the hoof. We then, dogs as well hopped on to the local bus which took us to Boscastle, don't forget your bus pass, sorry Mark and Jan you will have to pay again.

Boscastle now all rebuilt after the floods of a few years ago, must have been a terrible day there when it happened. Again a pleasant place to spend a while before you attempt the up's and downs of the walk back to the caravan site.

We also had a trip down to Padstow, Mr Steins fish & chips were so,so, not as good as Whitby giant cod. We did find a leather shop in Padstow where you can buy good dog collars and leads. The guy who has the shop also sells them on ebay, I believe one noted blogger has ordered her Christmas presents already from the shop. Next we took a trip down to Newquay for a bit of surfing, in the internet cafe not the beach, the Hoff and Pam were not there so thought it time to drive back to the site for g & t.!cid_ADEC221A142A4AA49756F4B71C135B95@LesleyDell

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! the joys of caravanning motorhoming. The Makems

Ahhhhhh!!!!! the joys of summer Derek! It seems a long time ago as I am listening to the gales force winds and driving rain! Many moons ago we lived in Padstow, we probably would not recognise the town if we went back now!


patricia said...

We go twice a year to cornwall, and stay just outside crackington haven, the walking is wonderful, and I have been to meet Merlin also, very dodgy walking indeed, wonderful area.Next time you go look up duckpool, there is a lovely wood there too and a watermill. and also lovely walks, at morwenstow, where there is a beautiful church, mmmmmmm......

Trish said...

We have been battered for 3 days by the reminents of Ida...tide has flooded the island and not gone down for 2 days, entire road, highway 12 is washed out by 16ft waves that have battered it for the last 3 days, we have had 11" of rain. The island is literaly closed down..no ferrys running, can't get to them because of the flooding. Thank goodness I was spared a dry spot in the yard of the girls. The photos of Cornwall a lovely. I fear this storm may be heaed your way...it was moving northeast!

julie o said...

trish dont say that

enid said...

You haven't had much luck on the Island this year, Trish. I hope 2010 will be better.
We've had terrible storms this weekend. 100 mile per hour gales on the coast.

enid said...

Did you stay on a Caravan Club Site, Deryk? The scenery looks fab.

big mo said...

dramatic photos i like them, oh yes the shorts as well



Yes it's a Caravan Club site and as long as it's not windy it's OK on the cliff tops.

The Makems